Planar Analysis

So far we have discussed observational and drawing techniques by using contour, sighting, perspective, and gesture (with variance in weight of line).  Planar analysis can help you depict volume and surface with attention to light and value.  Planar analysis can be used as step to correctly record volume and value or it can be used as an abstraction technique.

Geometric illustration Moose head Animal by TinyKiwiCreations  'The Architect' by Atelier Xavier Veilhan  Diebenkorn,  great color, very planar shapes in his work.


a) 6 Step Value Scales, Shades and Tints with gouache.

b) Planar Composition of Still-life using Gouache.

Your composition should fill the entire page.  Including the edge of the table or depict the wall to ground the still-life in a believable space.  In other words, DO NOT focus or paint just two sides of a box.  You should have 3 boxes depicted in your composition.  While you will be paying attention to value differences, each surface will be unified.

• Make sure you can see the still life and your paper simultaneously.  Stand up for this one.

• Mix a thin wash of a neutral color (e.g. a mix of blue and brown, thinned with water)

• Using a large brush loosely sketch the composition onto your canvas

• Establish your lightest and darkest planes

• Mix warm, cool, and neutral whites

• Mix warm and cool greys for shadows

• Look for color and shape relationships

• Develop the lights, darks, and middle tones

• Check for value accuracy

• Pay close attention to compositional elements such as shadows, edges, negative spaces)

• Take a step back and look for patterns, rhythm, lights and darks.  Enhance areas to make a more dynamic and varied composition.  Is there movement? Emphasis?

c) Found Drawings

Homework:  Continue to work on your Big Assignment 3.  You will also need to do your mini sketchbook assignment 2 for next week.  Print them out and paste into your sketchbook OR start a blog and email the class your blog address so we can look at your images.  Alternatively, you can email your images to me by MONDAY at noon.


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