Content, Narrative and Material

The materials you use and the context in which you show your work can determine how accessible it is to other people.  Where does your message belong and why?

106 Awesome Banksy Graffiti Drawings #banksy #art #graffiti Love this one

street art woman pregnant silhouette Loading...

Anatomically Correct Graffiti #graffiti

Awesome SWOON piece

Swoon Street art mermaid

Jim Carey using a stencil.

Street art becomes wall art. graffiti that interacts with random existing infrastructure within the space painted on the walls and floors.

Subtractive Street Art by Pejac on the Streets of Spain trees street art painting


JennyLee Fowler

Abra Ancliffe

StudioA: Silhouette Stencil to Screen print at next class.

Studio B: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Final Assignment

Drawing on Objects (Context, Narrative, Material and Meaning)

Jacqueline Lou Skaggs

Krista Charles

Yvette Hawkins

Yvette Hawkins: new experiements with folding and drawing as well as folding and stitching

Molly Hatch

Scott Campbell

Celebrity Tattoo Artist Decorates Ostrich Eggs

Aida Felic


(by old*love)

Jim Starr

Dad (2008) 16 x 5 x 4 inches; steel and wood trowel, photographic print

Ronald Cueppens

Luisa Rabbia

Bryony Holdsworth

Bryony Houldsworth: Year 1- Experimental Drawing Project. Love the idea of something new and different like wood! At my old high school we could only paint on canvas/illustration board

Angelica Glajcar

Angela Glajcar: Paper Space

Tara Donovan

Some fun tutorials

Next week: Stencils

Following week: Debris Drawings in your Sketchbook, Vic Muniz’ Wasteland

Last Week: Final Crit in Crit Space (written statement due along with project)

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